Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Torn Up and Inside Out

I'm all torn up and feel like my insides have been torn out...
waiting for answers, wondering what to do.

A piece of electronic equipment that my husband uses in his home office blew up and began spewing smoke over 24 hours ago. He unplugged it after a few minutes and took it outside because the room had filled with the smoke and fumes. About an hour later I walked into the office and got an immediate headache, it hurt to breathe, and my eyes burned and watered. It wasn't until then that he began to realize his lungs hurt, he had a headache, and wasn't feeling well. He called the manufacturer to ask if the chemicals in the smoke were toxic, how long they would remain in the room or house,
and how to speed up their removal.
The representative said he would call back our home number with the information.
My husband went to the Emergency Room.
He was released after some tests and being on oxygen.

I've called the manufacturer twice since then and haven't gotten the information. Once call went to voicemail where I left a detailed message and for the other call, I talked with someone who said our 'case was being handled' and then transferred me to a phone tree where I then sat on hold for over 5 minutes when I gave up and went about my day.

We've never had to retain a lawyer,
but I'm wondering if this is a time when we do?
I don't even know what type lawyer we'd need...
I'm so torn up about this, worried about our health and our pets' health,
and the safety of our home.



  1. OMGosh, Aerie_l I can feel the urgency and concern in your post. Have you considered the Better Business Bureau? Or the Environmental Protection Agency? Possibly more of being put on hold but maybe not.

    I'm glad to hear you and your husband are okay. This is really scary and could happen to any of us with all of the electronics we now possess. Please keep us posted!

  2. Hazmat! This is the organization I was thinking of but couldn't remember! Another possible resource...

  3. Hi Aerie-el, I'm so sorry about this accident; I am glad it didn't blow up directly in his face and cause other damage, but internal damage is a concern at this point and I understand your concern! I agree, it's hard to know 'who to talk to' over this...and, there will no doubt be 'hassles' along the way, being put on hold, etc. I do hope you'll get some help, and mainly, that your hubby will feel well permanently & not have any long term damage;-) Jan

  4. Aerie-el, I'm so sorry and this is really scary. I think it's scarier for you because the company has not dealt with it very well, not calling you back immediately and you probably feel like you're getting brushed off. Crap I hate big business, they think they are above everyone else. I think maybe Grace was on the right trail with Hazmat.
    I'm glad you and your husband are ok and he was released. My husband has had his lungs burned from inhaling Clorox (?) where he worked and it does hurt and takes a while to get out of the system before the burning stopped. It is scary.
    Good luck to both of you.

  5. I hope the company will take some responsibility and understand your concern for your family's health and call you back with some answers.
    I wish I could offer some advice, but I sure can understand your worry. I hope it gets taken care of soon.

  6. My lands, who would have even thought about such a thing as toxic fumes from the thing. I would keep after it and investigate how to proceed. God forbid that one day he could have complications from it.

  7. This was a very scary situation for both of you. I hope that the company has the grace to get back to you quickly. And that both of you are fully recovered.


  8. I hope you are both feeling better and the air has refreshed. What a stresser.

  9. I came here before reading your last post, to see what you were referring to. I can understand your concern. I have viral induced asthma, and a few years ago, after having a prolonged problem with it, I must have had some damage to my lungs, because ever since, it hurts to breath when there are candles, incense, room fresheners, etc. in use. I can't be around people smoking, even outdoors.

    I need to go read today's post to see your update. I hope you, your husband, and pets are doing well.

  10. Wow, Arie-el...I somehow missed this, but I sure hope you guys are going to be okay. What was it that exploded? How are you feeling now? Any lingering effects that you notice? How about your husband? I hope this all turns out okay!

  11. A retained lawyer is very costly --to the point of you not wanting to talk to them for one minute even. From my experience I won't ever use a lawyer who gives a package pricing deal on a case or situation. They arn't willing to spend an extra dollar to file any more than they have to on your behalf. IMO


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