Friday, July 10, 2009

Skywatch Friday - fireworks and an eagle

I went on a tour of some beautiful gardens yesterday and have many photos from that to post. That will be another time because I wanted to first share some photos from July 4th.

The fireworks weren't as crazy, sustained, or intense as other years.
I think the economy may have affected that part of celebrating the holiday.

That was just fine with me. I worry about the eagles at the south end of our lake, especially since the juvenile has been testing it's wings,
preparing to leave the nest soon.
I was thankful to see the juvenile and an adult bald eagle on the nest
the next day eating some lunch.

I recently read in my camera user guide that
it has a special setting to take fireworks.
So I tried it out during the fireworks display around the lake here in unincorporated King County.
And that is how these pictures were taken,
no tripod, no special effects necessary.
(Click on any of the pictures to see them bigger.)

Happy summer!

More Skywatch Friday photos here.



  1. Love those firework photos !!!

    We didn't have a fireworks show, here in Reno, this year :-( The nearest was in Sparks..

    Very cool photo of the eagle.

  2. Hi Aerie_el, The fireworks in these parts were more subdued also. The economy, I'm sure.

    Nice photos! My daughter who is very interested in photography was very impressed with them.

    I'm glad the eagles are okay. I always feel badly for the animals. One of our cats was really spooked and of course every dog in the neighborhood was having a tirade. Thank God it's only one day.

  3. Aerie_el, your pictures of the fireworks are incredible, especially #4! We have a neighbor who usually produces a show suitable for a little town. This year it was great as always, but much shorter! You are right - economy. As for the eagles, as I said before, you are so lucky to be able to watch them! Thanks for the post1

  4. Wow - a huge eagle! That's impressive!

  5. Those pictures of the fireworks are really cool. I should have taken my camera with me..the ones on my blog were taken with the camera phone! I too worry about the wildlife when fireworks are being shot...we have a large population of deer in Yorktown and I always wonder what happens to them.

  6. Aerie-el, really great shots- I just love those fireworks! We had quite a show that we could see from our bedroom window here in Portland. I think here people went all out this year- and for the same reason, they're tired of the economy being down so they just said 'what the heck!'

  7. Aerie_el the pics of the eagles are just wonderful!!!
    Your lucky to live close to such magnificent wildlife.

    keep up the good work .


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