Friday, July 17, 2009

GBBD July - better late

I felt like a fish out of water on Wednesday.
I can't thank you enough for all your comments to my post that day -
they helped immensely!
We are doing okay, just waiting on more information.

I know this is a couple days late (it was supposed to be posted on July 15th for Garden Blogger Bloom Day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens), but I'm hoping you'll excuse my tardiness and still take a peak at what's blooming here now. There's just so much that I couldn't wait any longer to share some of it with you!

Here's a fun lavender surrounded by sedum.

Below are 4 photos of one hydrangea plant, with blooms in various stages...

I couldn't pass by this sweet little fleur without taking her photo...

I know. This rose is out of control and I love it!

There is a lot of native vegetation on the property, and here's a photo of one of them with tight buds that remind me a little (okay, hortheads, I know it's a stretch:) of Callicarpa (beautyberry).

Here it is again in bloom. Can you guess what plant this is?

Now into the vegetable garden area...
Here's a tangle of scarlet runner beans and sweet peas.

Is that a squash bloom I see peaking out between the leaves?

A few steps away, the woodland garden..
A little Ligularia 'przewalskii' and an airy Astilbe (I think its Astilbe japonica 'Europa') walked into a bar... (Never mind, unless you have a good punch line?)
The small evergreen tucked between them is variegated.
(click on any photo to see it bigger)
It is the result of a cutting I took in a garden where I was helping 'rescue' plants before the developer came in to clear the land.
Does anyone have an idea of what it might be?

A visitor to the field of Lychnis coronaria (rose campion).

And to end on a sunny, cheerful note, here is a Nasturtium 'Empress of India',
grown from Renee's Garden seeds.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I hope things are getting better there with the two of you. Thanks for showing us what is blooming in your garden.

  2. Lovely photos! We're having quite the summer for it, aren't we. Paula

  3. Hi Aerie-el! I love your July blooms! The first combination is very interesting! All my lavenders are Spanish lavender, it's time to get some French and English type. The climbng rose is beautiful! My climbing Don Juan got bad after the wet and cold winter. I am writing you from Alaska. A lot of wildflowers here and salmon is running, but we got nothing yet. Maybe, tomorrow we'll catch at least one! I hope it's not too hot back home, I worry about my garden. Happy gardening to you!

  4. I love all the color there! The lavender and sedum look really great together! Isn't it nice having so much in bloom now? I guess the flowers are getting used to this weather.

  5. What great color!! I really like the sedum surrounding the lavender, nice contrast of color. My hydrangeas are about done. Your rose looks very happy on that arbor.

  6. I'm ALWAYS late for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Just ask Carol! You've got gorgeous blooms! Some things I've not seen before, which is what is great about blogging. My garden is infinitely better as a result of blogging friends!

    I'm thinking your evergreen is a juniper of some sort.

  7. Hi Aerie-el - so glad to hear you guys are doing ok. I've been wondering how ya were.
    I LOVE the sedum surrounding the Lavender. What one is it that would be as tall as your lavender? Or does it just appear that way in the photo? Well it really pops out at ya! And your rose is beautiful - I love out of control myself. I guess I'm always out of control so what's not to love. LOL
    Your hydrangea is beautiful - I love when they are changing and have some of each of the colors, the purples and blues are so great!
    You have a whole field of Lychnis? I saw a big area of it in a field by the road the other day and it was so pretty and soooo pink!
    Oh the other day I said Bob burned his lungs by breathing clorox I meant to say chlorine.

  8. So, how are you guys doing? Is the room aired out? Your blooms are lovely! The butterfly is, too.

  9. Aerie-el, everything looks so beautiful and healthy! A great shot of the butterfly too :). I've never grown Scarlet Runner Beans they sure are pretty! Happy gardening to you, my friend!

  10. I love your out of control rose too. It is gorgeous! What a pretty idea for your lavender, the pink and purple just goes together so well. Love it.

  11. What beautiful rose spirea!

  12. Aerie_el, I'm glad to hear you and your family are doing okay. The sedum and lavender is pure genius. Can I copy? False Spirea is the plant in question. It grows wild here. The Hydrangea in stages is breathtaking.

  13. Hi keewee! thanks for the good wishes. We are okay and waiting for the info about what we were exposed to and what/if we need professional clean-up of the area. The wheels of bureaucracy turn painfully slow sometimes!

    Hi Paula, What a summer...I'm wilting, but my tomatoes are loving it!!

    Hi Tatyana, Thanks for writing from Alaska! That's the weather I'm yearning for...well, maybe not Fairbanks' weather. :) Hope the salmon panned out for you!

    Hi Catherine, It is a perfect time of year. With the heat we're getting, things may look like they need refreshing soon, but for now, it's great!

    Hi Janet, Thanks! And my hydrangeas just seem to keep going and going... I'm really enjoying them this year.

    Hi Kylee, LOL, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only late one! I'll have to look in my books to see if it is a type of juniper. It is so delicate and I love the variegation.

    Hi Raingardener, your comments are so kind. The sedum blooms are about halfway up the lavender stems. I'll have to try and take a photo to show their relative heights better... And oh my chlorine can be so terrible! I'm glad to hear that he has recovered from that. We are still waiting to hear what chemicals we could have breathed. We're doing okay, but the cat continues to have some problems.

    Hi Sue! This little incident has put me so far behind in everything I enjoy doing--like visiting blogs! Once I have a bit more time, I look forward to catching up on yours and everyone's again!

    Hi Tessa! The hummingbirds really seem to go for the scarlet runner bean flowers, so that's just one reason I grow them! They're a really tasty steamed bean, which is another reason :) Hope you're enjoying this summer and all is going well!

    Hi Lona! Thanks for your kind comments! Glad you like the combinations, and the out-of-control rose! I planted that rose last year and couldn't believe the display this year - it brings a smile to my face. The honeysuckle I had on the opposite side bit the dust after the wicked winter though, so I'm thinking I need to add a new one. It had the most incredible fragrance and I miss that.

    Hi queerbychoice, Thanks for stopping by! I knew there were folks out there who would recognize that beauty!

    Hi Grace! Of course, 'imitation is the best form of flattery' so copy away :)!
    Do you have Pojar/MacKinnon's 'Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast' book? I live with that by my side when I walk about here (so many native plants grow in my yard, I love it)!

  14. Hi again - you can see I'm doing a comment marathon tonight, eh? :) Share the hopes of others here that you guys are doing okay after your scary toxic exposure. I hope you get some answers soon and there are no long-term effects of your having breathed whatever it was! Yikes, so scary. Your garden looks awesome, so much color and love it that you let some things ramble free as they please. They look super happy, so why cut them back? That's my .02, anyway. Cheers!


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