Monday, August 22, 2011

B-LOC prevention = OGAT

Oh, my, my, my, have I ever been away for a long time 
from posting a proper blurb for the blog. 
My excuse: it's finally, really, summer in Seattle and 
gardens, nurseries, and plants beckon from all directions.

So for your own safety and to prevent any 
B-LOC (Boredom-induced-Loss-Of-Consciousness)
I've decided to address this problem OGAT (One Garden At a Time).
So please, tighten your seat belt, sit back, relax,
and enjoy the journey, OGAT.

Let's begin in the south, venturing to the Seed Company and gardens surrounding it,
of a most gracious and knowledgeable host, Ed Hume.

One of the youngsters on the tour 
was kind enough to model her red shoes;
the lettuce was proof that 
home is where you're planted~intentionally or not!

A topiary canoe and paddler in the distance 
seemed to follow the fish on their travels,
flanked by plants and containers along the way.

Primulus denticulata, aka drumstick primose
with begonias and hostas.

A Close Up of the Drumsticks

Primula vialii, aka Pagoda Primrose

After seeing these two primroses in Ed's garden, 
they were added to my 'must have' list of plants.
I found the 'drumstick' pretty easily, but the Pagoda, nada. 
McLendon's told me they may get some in during January or February.

 The veggie garden is a beautiful productive place.
Much of the produce is donated to a program,  
Plant a Row for the Hungry, or PAR for short.
The food goes to help feed people in the area
who might otherwise go to bed hungry.
You can read more about this here.

 Above is a ginormous radish from the vegetable garden.
(That's a 16 oz cup next to it.) 

Ed Hume's blog is here. Don't just read the blog posts,
check out some of the great links listed on the sidebar too.

Next up, SAGBUTT meeting and garden outing,
hopefully a sure bet to keep away B-LOC via OGAT!



  1. Some lovely flowers and gardens. Love the Drumsticks and Pagoda.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Looks like this was a fascinating visit! I had no idea it was so close by. I saw that Pagoda Primrose on several garden tours this year, it's very popular, such a striking flower.

  3. How lucky to get to tour his garden. It looks so pretty. I love ther river of stones an the canoe and paddler. That veggie garden really is beautiful!
    Looking forward to the next OGAT!

  4. The first picture with the red shoes is artistic...I don't know if you meant it that way but it is breathtaking. It is lovely to read you again. I hope you had a nice vacation. Kisses.

  5. Love the radish! I find they get hotter as they get bigger.

  6. How cute is that topiary. LOL! I really like the drumstick pimroses. What a pretty veggie garden. It is wonderful that the produce goes to the Hungry.

  7. OMG !!! I think that radish wants to take over the world girl !!
    I love those red shoes .. so Wizard of Oz looking .. and this garden is gorgeous .. I yearn for s little bridge like that in my dream garden : ) Lovely post girl !


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