Saturday, August 27, 2011

SAGBUTT prevents B-LOC

Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United To Talk (SAGBUTT) 
prevents Boredom-induced-Loss-of-Consciousness (B-LOC)

This unforgettable acronym for our garden blogging group
was coined in jest by Karen, whose blog is Greenwalks.
Much to her surprise, the group voted to adopt it and it stuck.
The inspiration and plan came together for us 'virtual friends' 
to share ideas, tips, and recommendation on blogging, plants, 
nurseries and just about anything and everything.
this month we reconvened after a bit of a hiatus.
As with any group, some people couldn't attend~
~Karen, we missed you and the others!~
but many did gather: Melanthia, of course, hosted; 
Alison of Bonney Lassie; Catherine of A Gardener in Progress
Paula of Petunia's Garden; and Yvonne
came together for the day to visit and share.

After touring Melanthia's wonderful gardens, visiting with each other, 
the chickens, dogs, and family; 
after supping (actually 'lunching'~I can make up words too, GW!) 
and sipping while resting in the warm sun on her deck, 
we ventured out for some 'official' garden tours.

This house and garden were on the drive to Ciscoe's garden
As mentioned in my previous post, we'll venture forward, 
covering One Garden At a Time (OGAT), 
today viewing Ciscoe Morris' gardens. 
Some of my fellow SAGBUTTs have already posted about this, 
so be sure to visit their blogs to read more and see their amazing images.

This little bat fascinated many of us.
Who wouldn't want one of these in their garden?

Cute flowering cacti were grouped together.

They looked so soft you wanted to touch,
but you knew if you did, you'd say OUCH!

This one reminded me of a bird with downy feathers,
or maybe a baby penguin slouching with a small crown on its head.
Do you see it? Okay, maybe it's just my wild imagination!



Pretty flower, no?

Can you see the fountain?

Physocarpus - Ninebark

Acer griseum - Paperbark maple

Tomato plant with companions

Click on the image to see the yellow jacket on the water's surface

Color explosion

Busy bee

I took all these images during a Northwest Horticultural Society (NHS) 
members-only tour of the NHS Board Members' gardens.
Northwest Horticultural Society has a Facebook page here.

That's about it, so until the next OGAT -
Happy Gardening!



  1. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun. Enjoyed the post. I have a Paperbark Maple waiting to be planted soon.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. You got so many wonderful pictures of Ciscoe's garden! Thanks so much for taking us along with you. It was great to meet you and all the other members. I'm looking forward to future meetings.

  3. Ha ha! That first picture is too funny! Loved seeing your pictures of Ciscoe's garden. I loved the cacti, I couldn't believe how many were blooming.
    Looking forward to the next garden :)

  4. Your SAGBUTT outing sounds really fun. I didn't know [or if I did I forgot] that it was Karen that came up with this catchy title. Kudos to her. You've got some wonderful photos here including that first one! I love the little downy cactus. To me it looks like a baby owl...sort of. :)

  5. Sag butt? Very funny. Lovely shots too.

  6. Aw, sweetie, that is so kind of you! I am so out of the loop... thanks for keeping me in your thoughts even when I have been AWOL. Love the butts of 'BUTT! I hope to see the schedule for the upcoming gatherings and maybe can actually make one or more. That would make me so happy! Cheers and enjoy the (finally) summer weather!!

  7. What a fun post! There are not very many garden bloggers in Nebraska, but slowly, there are a few more starting up.


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