Friday, November 14, 2008


Like on wings, autumn has arrived.

Migrations are more evident with so many transitory birds.
Although I enjoy them all, I find the buffleheads to be so striking
with their black-and-white colors.

Not only are there changes in the bird populations here now,
but also with the plants.
Check out this little bird in the vibrant red of the viburnum.

The ginkgo leaves haven't turned their glowing gold yet,
but they are still so lovely.

There are lots more colors to share next time...Until then...



  1. Is that last picture a gingko tree? I really want one of these!

  2. ~Zach, You got it! Ginkgo it is. Check out this link for the pertinent planting 'facts':

    Mine is still a youngster so I'm not certain if it is a male or female.

    Hope you can get one...maybe a holiday wish (gift certificate from a nursery?)and plant it in the spring?


  3. That little bird just blends right into the shrubbery. Gorgeous photos, as always!

  4. ~Tui, he is really camouflaged, and was uber-FAST!
    Thanks, and the photos on your blog are beauties! I'm popping over there to see what's new right now...


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