Sunday, November 23, 2008


Please pardon my digression to the topic of birds in this post. But then why not digress to a topic related to gardening? After all, 'gardening isn't separate from other aspects of life, but is part of the whole' (I couldn't have said it any better than C.L. on the link to see her blog.)

Who hasn't welcomed an unexpected plant sprouting in a garden bed? A relative of mine found a ceanothus growing in one of his garden beds before it became wildly popular here in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes the birds give us fun discoveries like that...

Here are a few of my fine-feathered-friends who have visited.

Back for buffleheads?

Kingfisher...sportin' a cool 'do.

American Wigeons wiggling away.

Cormorant being the center of attention.

Hungry robin chicks.

Watchful robin.

Who's this wee, shy, lightening-fast bird, hiding amongst the vines?

Fly away, fly away (sing it, Lenny!)...

Time for me to fly away and continue with my day. Hope you have a good day, wherever you may be.



  1. I could spend all day out watching the birds! In winter we only have the house finches, chickadees, nuthatches and various woodpeckers at the feeders, but we love them :)

    So sweet that your son wanted to knit a scarf for his girlfriend! It certainly is a good, portable hobby. I made one quilt top using a vintage reproduction "honeycomb" pattern that was all handpieced. I would iron on the freezer paper, cut out the shapes, and then take them outside with me to hand sew while the kids played in the yard. I ended up making it into a wall hanging. After all that work and didn't want people to use it!

  2. Your quilted wall hanging sounds like an incredible work. No wonder you preferred to display it!
    It would be fun to see a photo of it sometime--on your blog or via email (Gardeners.Roost(at)

    Happy birding, crocheting, knitting, and gardening (even if it's only indoors or planning for spring!)


  3. Talking about birds, to me, is talking about the heart of the garden! Your post is a delightful little bird tour, thank you!

    Found you through Blotanical, by the way... and will bookmark you so I remember to keep visiting.

  4. Hi Anne,

    Glad you enjoyed the bird tour! They are a really interesting part of the whole garden experience. I'm also fascinated with the bees and bugs and even snakes that visit and share this little plot of earth.

    How fun to learn that you found my blog thanks to Blotanical. Thanks for stopping by! And now I'll be cruising on over to your blog.


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