Monday, November 17, 2008


Autumn is one of my favorite times of year, especially living in a location where the seasonal change is evident by the change in foliage, floral displays, and falling rain...

I looked south and there was sun and blue skies.
Look to the north and there were clouds and a rainbow.

The stewartia tree's leaves were stunning in their sharp red colors. The leaves on the upper branches had already fallen, so I was happy to catch this shot of some still on the branches.

Above is a photo of some of the plants that were growing
in the riparian area (along the water's shoreline) when I moved here.
I love the red branches-they remain to bring so much color for the winter.



  1. Fall has fallen! Beautiful photos and commentary. That rainbow is lovely, too. Did you follow it to find its pot of gold?


  2. Tui~let me think, what did I do? Oh, yeah, I sang, 'Somewhere over the rainbow,' clicked my heels 3 times, and then realized I was already there! :)

  3. Hello Aerie-el;

    Greetings from Vermont! Just found your blog and coincidently watched a public television show on bald eagles last night. Not as many here as out your way. I saw my first here in about 1976 and just learned they didn't come off the endangered list until 2007. Vermont is the only state without a nesting population but we're working on that!

    One of my sons lives in Seattle and when I get out there I head north on gardening "missions" but I always scout for eagles too. Great place!

    George Africa
    The Vermont Gardener
    Vermont Gardens
    Vermont Flower Farm

  4. Thanks George!
    Your websites are great, and the photos make me yearn for New England in the fall...

    Hope you are successful in your new Nursery location--looks like a great place!


  5. Autumn is my favourite time too, and it never ever lasts long enough! I'm loving the photo of the rainbow :)

  6. ~Amy,
    Autumn foliage rules!
    Thanks for your kind comments on the photo too :)


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