Sunday, November 9, 2008

Duck, Duck, WHAT?

So, plenty of feathered friends on the lake of late.
Check out this little guy below.

(click on any of the pictures to get a closer view)

I'm not sure what sort of DUCK she is, but she sure was cute.

And she was okay with me quietly photographing her from not all that far away.

Then there were some ring-necked ducks (above). That is an odd name for a DUCK that has a ring on its bill, but none on it's neck.

The yard is full of interesting food for critters, so it probably should be no surprise there was another unlikely visitor scarfing up berries and seeds. Even so, I looked out and said WHAT?

Check out the ears on this guy. He came through the yard daily for about a week. So cool!

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  1. Wow! That pheasant is gorgeous!

  2. p.s. I see you have all your ducks in a row, as well ... ;P

  3. Just looking in my "Birds of the Puget Sound Region" book, I wonder if your cute "duck" might be a female pied-billed grebe? Also, your ring-necked pheasant is pretty impressive! I've seen them in parks but not my yard. They are ground foragers so I guess he found something in your grass that he liked! Yummy bugs or whatever.

  4. ~Tui...It was another first (in addition to the surfer dude on the lake) to see the pheasant. And the colors were even more spectacular in person that they turned out in pictures.
    Ducks in a row...of course :=]

    ~Karen...I think you've got it! I'm looking up more info on the pied-billed grebe now. I think I may need to invest in the bird book you mentioned. Thanks for that info too!
    Guess the pheasant had his fill in the week he cruised thru the buffet line in the yard, since he hasn't been back recently. It'd be so cool if he brings his family thru the yard when/if that happens!
    You know I'll post that if it does.
    Thanks for stopping by and for the grebe and book info!

  5. Aerie-el - So glad to have steered you the right way! I'm horrible at birding but that book is really handy. I got it so I could help my daughter ID birds at our feeder (before the squirrels bit it to pieces and left it all bloody and ruined, yugh). Since it's so specific to our area, it rules out a lot of the similar types that might confuse us. It's a pretty inexpensive paperback, too! I got mine at the UW Bookstore but I imagine it's widely available.

  6. Karen,
    I've got 3 good bird books but the one you mentioned is even more specific than the ones I have. Sounds like a trip to UW Bookstore is in order (as if that will be a chore!!:) Thanks again for the tip.


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