Saturday, November 15, 2008


Beautiful flowers, aren't they? But what is the plural of calendula...calendulae? calenduli? just plain old 'calendulas'? (I know there's one of you out there with lots of Latin and/or horticultural knowledge!)

Whatever the plural noun is, the calendula flowers are in bloom now and brighten the cottage garden as it begins to prepare for its winter sleep.

Sweet dreams...



  1. Heya Aerie-el!

    You've chosen to blog about one of my favorite flowers to plant, and to EAT!

    I love how the bright orange blossoms look (and, of course, taste) on a lovely green salad.

    I've also read that some people call Calendula "the poor man's saffron" because you can use it to turn your rice orange. Oddly enough, rice lover that I am, I have never tried that...

    While I've no idea what the plural is, I do know that they get their name from the Latin word from which we get out word "calendar" because they can bloom in any month of the year.

    Hmmm... I hope a wordsmith stops by and clarifies the plural question for us all! :)


  2. ~Tui...

    Thanks for all the info on Calendula! Fascinating stuff, these flowers and roots of words and such. :)
    Now we just need to know the plural and we'll be all set...



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