Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cold Rain

I'm not going to complain. I like rain. I like to walk and work in the rain. When I lived in Germany people would always be walking. One day I asked why they were out when the weather was so miserable. The reply was that if they waited for the perfect weather, they might never be outside. It is a good philosophy of not letting the weather affect what you do, don't you think?

But I'm not terribly excited about gardening in the cold rain. That's how its been today. So instead I took a few shots of what's been happening about the yard and what I've done so far this year. I'd say so far this spring, but I actually did this work before 'spring' was officially here. So, let's take a stroll, shall we?

I'll show you the bad news first. Here's my lovely Rosemary, badly damaged by the brutal winter weather this year.

And how about this bumper crop of shotweed? They're all volunteers. I didn't plant them intentionally! Click here to read more about these plants in a posting I wrote last March.

Below is a photo of some epimedium in the 'woodland garden'. I can hardly wait to see the skunk cabbage come up! (I think there's a movement to change the common name from skunk cabbage to something sweet-sounding, but it's hard to break old habits!)

The Hellebores are blooming like crazy,
so I had to include a couple shots of them.

Here's some kale in the garden. Looks good enough to eat. Yum.

I planted my mini-dwarf apple trees and finally got my blueberries in the ground back in February. Pay no attention to the burlap bags, they'll be covered once I get some mulch.

And here is my star!
Hamamelis x intermedia
I just purchased her, so she's not in the ground yet.

There you have it...a wee tour of what is happening here.
I'm curious,
How does your garden grow?



  1. Hi Aerie-el hey everything looks good but sorry to hear about your Rosemary. I think I may have lost my Spirea but not sure yet. It was a horrible winter. When we have too many rainy days and start to get down my husband and I always tell each other that it is all of this rain we have that keeps our state as nice and green as it is!

  2. That was a nice tour. Even when its raining we are thinking "garden". Do you think about it when you sleep? I do.

  3. It's looking good there! Is the burlap to kill the grass? You're lucky to have such a pretty new addition to your yard. I've seen pictures of 'Diane' and it's very pretty. I see a bit of sun out there now, maybe it'll stay.

  4. Looks fantastic!!! I don't mind the rain either in the summer when its a bit warmer! Trouble is over here it is so rarely hot in the summer anymore!!! Your right about just getting on with it!

    Thanks for your comments on my recent post, that call from was the most sobering moment of my life. Hope your brother is ok now as well, with no lasting damage, and that he keeps safe from now on!

    Heres hoping your rosemary comes round!!!

    Linzi x x

  5. seems it has been a rough winter in many zones. I lost a lovely Clematis I put in just last year. It is raining here today so I am also looking through rain spotted windows wishing for the sun to shine, or at least for the rain to stop.

  6. I like that philosophy about getting out in whatever weather, but admit that I can be a wimp especially if it's going to be fairly stationary activity that doesn't keep the blood moving, like pulling weeds, say! I like that you showed the rough with the lovely, I think most of us have some really sad post-winter plants to make big decisions about. Beautiful hellebores! All this rain is going to make the plants just grow bigger, right? I'm not ready to move to the desert quite yet. :)

  7. You know, I'm actually surprised my rosemary plant has survived as long as it has. They are not very cold tolerant. Mine also suffered this year but it's still hanging in there. I need to prune off the brown stuff.

    I too don't really mind the rain. It's the COLD rain (and wind) that make me want to retreat into a blanket and book.

  8. I absolutely agree with you withregard to walking in the rain. As French people say, there is no bad weather, there is bad clothes.
    Love your pictures! My rosemary was gone last winter - it doesn't like its roots to be too wet, and our winters here ARE wet.

  9. Hi Aerie_el,
    That's a nice sentiment, but I am willing to be inside when it's cold and wet. Call me a wimp, too. I have been known to finish what I'm doing in the rain when it's warm out.

    I enjoyed your "yard walk". I'm sorry about your rosemary. How would it respond to pruning? Pick some kale, tear it up, and put some poppy seed or blue cheese dressing on it for a salad.

    Your hellebores are pretty in the snow, but even more so without it! It's looking like spring!

  10. I agree with you about the rain- I don't mind working in it if it's not a real cold rain! You sure have done a lot of work! Are you going to toss in some bulbs when you do the mulch? I have very few things in bloom in the garden, but the snap dragon in the greenhouse is almost ready! I really need to work on my flower beds- truth is I'm not very good at garden design, so much of what I've grown over the years has been food and it's hard for me to focus on both at the same time! Happy spring, things are looking great in your yard :)

  11. Dropped by from A corner Garden, looks like spring is coming!

  12. This morning I discovered your blog after coming from "a corner garden's" link! I just have to tell you how much I look forward to following it on a daily basis. Birds and blossoms...everything I love.

    I look forward to catching up on your older posts. Your area of the country is breathtaking...I can only imagine looking out my window and seeing a lake and mountains.

  13. Sorry about your Rosemary. I like the rain also, which is why I love living in Seattle.

    And I don't have a garden :(

    Great photos.

  14. wonderful photos. My garden is emerging. It slowed a bit with cold dry weather, but a wet weekend did it well.


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