Friday, March 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday - it's for the birds

Not a lot to see this Friday in the skies over Seattle except clouds, fog, and rain.
So rather than more gray pictures, how about a little eagle update?
Hence, this Skywatch Friday is dedicated to the 'national bird', the bald eagle.

(Except for the very first photo of this post,
all were taken about 1/2 mile away thru a scope.
As always, you can click on any photo and see it BIG!)

Above is the happy adult bald eagle couple
scouting out a place to build a 'home' last year.
They settled in, one eaglet was raised and fledged in 2008,
and the couple has returned again this year to the same nest.

Can you see the green to the right on the nest above?
The eagles added lots of evergreen branches from nearby trees
to the nest this year.

The eagle was inspecting the addition of twigs and branches.

Above they were having a little tete-a-tete, or is that peck-a-peck?

(Dr Destructo, I presume? For more on Dr D, check out Greenwalks' posts.)
I saw this rapid movement on the nest and checked it out thru the scope. A squirrel!? Oh my, I hope this doesn't mean bad things have happened to any eggs that might be in the nest.
The squirrel wasn't there long, but long enough to worry me...

Soon after, no sign of Dr D, just momma or pappa E.

And above is the most recent shot of one of the eagles in the nest.
(It's the white dome-shape on the right top of the nest--hard to see!?)
One of them remains hunkered down 24/7 now.
Soon, very soon, we may hear the cries of a wee one or wee ones again!

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  1. I love eagles!! How beautiful!

  2. How unbelievably cool that you get a daily peek into this family's lives. Wow. Thanks for the link! :) I haven't seen Dr. D for a while, I'm starting to worry about him...

  3. That is some very interesting phots of the eagle in its habitat. How marvelous. Thanks for the pics.

  4. Great shots of the Eagles!! I tried to get some of a Bald Eagle in my backyard just a few minutes ago...not nearly as good as what you shot.

  5. We are so lucky to be able to gaze at these majestic birds. We have a pair nesting not too far from our house.

  6. Great photos! How interesting. Did the squirrel run out, get tossed out, or stay for lunch?

  7. What a wonderful view you have...nice that you have a scope which helps;-) The first 2 photos are my favorites...absolutely breathtaking. Very, very professional.

  8. Thanks for the eagle update. I clicked on one of the pics to see the evergreen branches. I hope any eggs are still intact.

  9. How cool...shots of eagles 1/2 mile away! I would love to be able to watch a real eagles nest for progress as you do...for now I am addicted to the eagle cam at the Norfolk Botanical garden in VA. Have you seen this link?

    They have 3 eaglets...amazing!

  10. How cool is this? Your photography prowess is evident. I love that certain birds will come back to nest in the same place every year. We've got swallows that have made this their summer home for several years. Or perhaps they've passed it on to their progeny. I would think an eagle could take on a squirrel and win big time, but maybe not.

  11. It's amazing, Aerie-el! Thanks for letting us to peek at the private life of these gorgeous birds!

  12. Aerie-el, What great shots!I especially like the first one! I really enjoy your Eagle posts so much- we have to really look hard for what you get a regular show of! Thanks for keeping up with this.

  13. The eagle and bird posts are a departure from 'gardening', so I'm glad you've enjoyed them! I'll keep you posted periodically on the progress of the family :)

    Same thing happened last year with a squirrel. Both times, it was in and out of the nest so fast, I couldn't imagine there was time to seriously raid the nest. But it was still a bit worrisome.

    Marsha, thanks for the eagle cam link. It is really fascinating--I get addicted to watching them too!

  14. Fantastic photos !!
    Lucky you for even seeing the eagles.

  15. great photos in here. love bald heads.


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