Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is this for real?

Can it be?
Is she really here?
("Yippee", a tiny voice cries out, hopeful that Spring has arrived to stay.)

The colorful pulmonaria and hellebores sprout spring blossoms.

Spring activity is displayed in the form of birds too.
Many moving so quickly, they're hard to catch with the camera.

Look at the center of the photo.
Can you see the orange and black 'varied thrush'?


Below is a sweet little bird who rested just barely long enough in one spot for me to catch a shot of it. From what I can find in my birding books, it looks like either a Hutton's vireo or a Kinglet.
Do you know what it is?

One more sign of spring...the eagles are on the nest 24/7.
There's sure to be at least one egg in there now.
I've got a lot of pictures of the eagles, too many to add to this post alone, so I'll do a separate eagle update with photos at a later date.

Happy Spring everyone!



  1. Wishing you a happy spring also! Let's hope that this time it sticks.


  2. Was that blue sky I saw behind the mystery bird? "Blue" and "sky" used in the same sentence? :) Today actually felt like spring to me. Maybe the weather and the calendar are finally in alignment.

  3. Yes, it's been a beautiful day! I hope it's here to stay.

    Wonderful pictures.

  4. It looks great there. I like the picture of the pulmonaria and hellebore, it looks like you were taking it from below. I would guess kinglet on your bird. It's cute whatever it is.

  5. I feel your excitement for spring's arrival. I enjoyed your pics, too. I don't know what your mystery bird is. It is a cutie, though.

  6. I just love your photos of birdies! So much life in the emerging garden....

  7. I know, we've been faked out so many times, it's almost hard to believe spring is really here! Today was so lovely, there has to be more of that. Doesn't there? Cute birds and love your crocus and lungwort!

  8. Looks like spring has arrived. Happy dance, happy dance!

  9. Aerie_el:
    Hurray! Spring is very quickly making her presence felt in everyone's garden. I love the helleborus and Pulmonaria.... true harbingers of Spring, and the singing of birds..... lets hope Mother Nature is listening and is entranced with what she is hearing.... enough to forget about her sometimes twisted sense of weather humour! Enjoy!

  10. Hell, I stopped by for a visit on the recommendation of Gran. You have a site of beautiful pictures. Those crocus are superb.

  11. Looks like spring to me, Aerie-el! Lets just hope it's here to stay :)


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