Friday, March 6, 2009

This Friday Morning...

This morning's sunrise looked like this, against the icy landscape.

This weekend we're expecting more
(maybe if I write it really small, we'll get only a really small amount of)

In an effort of positive thinking and optomism regarding the weather,
I have purchased plants for the garden...

and some seeds too (nothing fancy, just fun)...

And while I was taking photos of the plants and seeds,
a hawk decided to land fairly near me.

A few seconds later, evidently scared off, my camera lens being the likely spoiler.

Away it flew to join it's mate in the tree.

I also heard a buzzing in the sarcacocca, and amazingly enough,
there were two busy bees.

So I guess despite the wintry weather lately,
the birds and the bees know that spring is in the air.

14 days and counting...
Are you ready?


  1. I love the hawk! It was a cold morning, for sure, small puddles in my neighborhood had a thin covering of ice. I just cannot believe we may get more "the s word." Yuck! Great pictures, though!

  2. Aerie_el:
    Ever so ready and then some! It was actually 18 Celcius today so I was out cleaning the leaf debris (my economic alternative to mulch) off the plants in the shade garden between two houses. What wonderful new plants and seeds, and the visit from your two winged friend,not to mention bees..... it's coming but I am still whispering it, sort of like your miniaturization of the other S word. Have a great weekend!

  3. It can't possibly snow on us again. It just can't...well it can, but it won't, will it?

    A few days ago I saw and heard honeybees on my sarcococca too. I was a bit dismayed because I keep hearing about how beneficial the mason bees are because they do their pollinating before honeybees. Well go figure. I haven't seen any of my mason bees yet. Whatever. Pardon my ramble but I just remembered this: I was at Bi Mart yesterday checking the (limited) plant selection. This older man was also looking. He was friendly and we starting chatting. Somehow the subject of bees came up and he said that we're loosing our bees because cell phone radio waves are throwing off their homing instinct. Hmm.... I thought about mentioning PESTICIDES but didn't really want a debate. Who knows? Anyway, goodie we get to make snowmen again! :)

  4. Yay, more plants. Can't wait to see where they go. I have one of those golden thujas. In a few years it's over 5'. The hawk is awesome. You always have great action shots! Happy planting.

  5. I know I'm ready! I love the shot of the hawk taking off. I don't know about you, but we had sun all day- at one point, there were no clouds in the sky! I can't wait for spring- lets hope it's mild!

  6. I really like the picture of the blooms on your sarcacocca. I know it blooms, but I can't remember ever seeing what they looked like.
    Hawks are fun to watch.

  7. Definitely ready! No snow as of yet, I like how you wrote snow really small.
    I hope you can get some of your plants and seeds planted. I just got my sweet peas in this week.
    Love the hawk pictures!

  8. Yes, the bumblebees are out where I am too! They are catching a few of the very early blooms.

  9. Ssshhhhh... don't say that s word... At last, it got a bit sunny and I managed to plant a bareroot rose... I've never had a hawk so close to me. You are well prepared, have a camera handy.

  10. Great post! I love that hawk!

  11. I don't know if I can wait 14 more days for this @(*&$ snow and freezing to go away! I brought home a few new "babies" too this week. Too bad we have to wait to plant them! Wow, that's quite an encounter with the hawk! How do they get along with the eagles?


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