Monday, March 9, 2009

The 'S' word

No, not Spring. I wish.
No, not Summer. Just a dream.
Yes, Snow.
Despite my having written it really, really
small in my previous post.
(You can click on any of the pictures to see them really, really big.)

Here are a few shots around the yard this marvelous Monday morning.

I really enjoy taking pictures of and in the snow. But I think at this point this year, this weather is for the birds.
Here are some that visited the suet feeder this morning.

Just waiting, wishing, and hoping for Spring to truly make its appearance.



  1. What beautiful pictures!! Wish it was spring too, this winter seems to be going on forever!

    Linzi x x

  2. Aerie_el:
    Oh my..... that was quite the snowfall you received! It was rainy here last night and then tapered off, turning into a light dusting of snow..... Mother Nature isn't finished auditioning for her comedy routine just yet I fear!!! Stay warm..... the fresh snow does make for wonderful pictures though...what little consolation that may be to you!

  3. I'm with ya! We had a little white stuff this morning too. Now the sun is out...sort-of! Maybe I will plant out my broccoli.

  4. You got some great pictures! I love your cat looking outside. The birds were very active around here this morning too. Now it's snowing so hard I think they're all hiding.

  5. Great shot of symmetrically arranged jays, and that woodpecker is a cutie! Sigh. Ours isn't sticking so much today, but still... sick of it!

  6. Linzi, You said it! Winter's hangin' on WAY too long!

    Teza, Ah, sweet rain...maybe by spring Seattle will see that phenomenon again?!

    Tessa, you go girl! The skies here flirted with sunbreaks, but they were soon overcome by more blizzard-like conditions. It's really like a winter wonderland out there.

    Catherine, Did you have much accumulation there? The cats love to 'bark' at the birds. This one prefers the big birds--bigger the better. She once got picked up by a raven (twice her size) and dropped from about 10 feet. That's only one of the reasons why she's an indoor-only cat. We want her to safely live out the rest of her '9 lives'!

    Anonymous, I love when the birds cooperate for their photos shoots :) And I'm so happy to see the woodpeckers--they're recent visitors. Today the small woodpecker (hairy or downy?), jays, flickers, and red-winged blackbirds were all waiting turns to feed. The little ones hung out until the big ones got their fill. ...And after reading that back, I realize, I'm officially boring.



  7. Beautiful photos. At least the birds were having a dandy time. I'm ready for a warm up. NOW :))

  8. I can't imagine seeing my cat picked up by a raven! I think indoors sounds safest for her :)
    We ended up with close to two inches today.

  9. Grace, I'm SOOO ready for a warm up. I've got the fireplace burning and the heat's turned up.

    Catherine, this cat is nuts (but we love her for it). She used to play cat-and-raven in a tree with that particular raven. It was the funniest thing to watch. We think the raven got fed up with the game when it picked her up from the front lawn one day.
    We ended up with about 2 inches too. I hope the thaw they are predicting comes true!

  10. Ohhh what are we going to do. It is now Tuesday and I have more snow.

    We are just not prepared for this sort of thing. It has been in the 80's down south...I want to go south until this silly snow goes away!

    Keep warm and dream of the sun!!! Kim

  11. Kim, I wish there was an environmentally-friendly product that worked wonders...maybe 'Snow-B-Gone' or 'Warm-up'. Til then I'll indulge in, just my imagination running away with me (sing it with me)! And dream of warmer weather and spring, glorious spring...

  12. As I commented on Catherine's site, we got 4 inches over here. Tonight the temp is supposed to hit 4 degrees, so the snow is a blessing for the plants. I wonder if I'll lose anything, though. I'm crossing my fingers! VW

  13. Wow! You got more snow than we did. I'm enjoying the longer days! stay warm!

  14. I knew it was going to be snow. You did a great job getting the green and blooms of the poor plants showing under the snow.

    Well, in a few weeks, it will be April. It seems a lot of us are ready for March to be over.


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